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27" School Laminators

Minikote EZ

Minikote Laminator

Minikote Pro Laminator


Medium Production 27" Roll Laminators

SRL-2700-HR 27

SRL-2700-Plus 27

Eclipse 27

Quickprint 27


Wide Format Roll Laminators

SuperKote Industrial

EXP 42+ Laminator Medium Duty Wide Format Laminating Machine

Expression 62 Plus Laminating Equipment Wide Format

Expression 63 Laminating Equipment Wide Format


Professional Laminating Systems

PL 1200 12" High Performance Heated Roll Laminator

PL-227HP 27" High Performance Heated Roll Laminator

PL-238wf 38" Wide Format Heated Roll Laminator

PL-244wf 44" Wide Format Heated Roll Laminator



Laminating Roll Films


Foliant Series™1 Side Laminator System

Foliant Pollux 760SF Automatic Lamination System     

Foliant Taurus 760SF Automatic Laminating System (best seller)   

Foliant Castor 530 SF Automatic Laminating System    

Foliant Taurus 530SF Automatic Lamination System     

Foliant Mercury 530SF Automatic Lamination System

(Double Sided Laminating Module for Foliant Mercury 530SF)

(Optional PET Film Application Module)

Foliant Gulliver C 520A Automatic Lamination System (best seller)

Foliant Gulliver C 520S Laminator w/ Separator 

Foliant Mercury 400SF Automatic Lamination System

(Double Sided Laminating Module for Foliant Mercury 400SF)

Foliant Gemini C400A Automatic Lamination System (best seller)   

Foliant Gemini C400S Laminator w/ Separator    

Foliant Gemini C 400 Laminator     

Foliant 720HPS Laminator w/ Separator    

Foliant 720HP Laminator

Foliant 520HPS Laminator w/ Separator    

Foliant 520TS Laminator w/ Separator     

Foliant 520HP Laminator

Foliant 520T Laminator 

Foliant 400S Laminator w/ Separator

Foliant 400T Manual One-sided Laminator  


OPP Film, BOPP, Polypropylene Film


Cold Roll Laminators (Pressure Sensitive)

Cold Film Graphics Finishing


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Free 2024 Calendars with your next order!

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